Personal Injury


Defending Your Rights When It Comes to Personal Injury

Any motor vehicle, automobile, motorcycle, or truck accident can result in frustration, inconvenience and even devastating injuries and disablement.

Do not try to go it alone when dealing with insurance companies who are looking to get out of a claim as cheaply as possible.

The moment you are the victim of any personal injury accident you become a number to some insurance company.

Insurance companies have more resources than any catastrophically injured person does, so they know that they can delay, throw paperwork and forms at you, and make life difficult for you as your bills pile up. Eventually a significant percentage of people simply give up and settle for pennies on the dollar because they are desperate and just want to be done with the whole thing.

Don’t let some insurance company or fly-by-night lawyer shortchange you the benefits you are entitled to. Let us guide you through the process, help manage your claim, and, if necessary, file a lawsuit to get the recovery that you are entitled to. You will always be in charge of your case, but you will have an experienced, trusted partner by your side throughout the process. Don’t go it alone, call us today.

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Bill was excellent, was always readily available returned calls promptly, and let you know what to expect! He led me in the right direction, and is a man of his word!
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