Workers’ Compensation


Protecting Your Workers' Compensation Rights

Sometimes called “Workman’s Compensation” or “Workers’ Comp”, Michigan’s Workers’ Compensation Act provides for potentially lifelong benefits in the event that a Michigan worker is injured on the job.

It is virtually unheard of to have an employer or insurance company that simply pays all of the benefits an injured worker is entitled to. Those benefits potentially include weekly wage loss benefits, medical treatment and expenses, as well as possible re-training into a lighter job to suit the injured worker’s limitation.

There are several ways that an insurance claims representative, nurse case manager, or investigator can try to interfere with your recovery of benefits, your treatment plan and recovery. Don’t let this happen.

  1. Immediately following an injury on the job, you should report it and ask for medical treatment.
  2. The next call you should make after your condition stabilizes is to our office.

We can guide you through this entire claim process. We can assist you with the initial steps of a workers compensation claim to put you in the best possible position to not have your claim disputed.

Remember, we will never charge you a fee unless your claim is settled or won. Often we spend a few minutes with injured workers’ on the phone, set their minds at ease, and guide them through the process without charging or earning a penny.

Let us help you.

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Bill did everything he said he could during the consultation and more. He responded to all communications promptly as well as professionally. I found Mr Webster exceptionally knowledgeable and had no issues trusting his judgment. He got results. I would not only recommend him to other people I'd also happily rehire him if need be.
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